Christian Biker Patches

The allure of motorcycle riding attracts people from every walk of life, from corporate CEOs to lawyers to true outlaws, from so-called "pagans" to devoted Christians. Men and women from different backgrounds, different careers and different faiths are drawn together by their love of the open road and the two-wheeled machine.

For Christian riders, the road is a perfect place to share their faith with others. One popular way to do that is through custom Christian biker patches. In a large, diverse group such as those present at Sturgis or Bike Week, a Christian biker patch is a subtle way to witness to fellow riders.

Custom embroidered patches with a Christian message can be sewn to leather or denim wear and are easily visible. From a simple cross to a more elaborate message, just about any sentiment can be expressed on a patch. Popular Christian patch designs include crosses, fish, flags and sayings such as "Jesus Saves" and "Team Jesus."

Some embroidered Christian patches feature a specific wording such as "Ask me about Jesus." Others, such as "God First" or "Born Again" are more direct statements of the rider's faith. While some are simple declarations, other patch designs reach out to fellow riders who might not be Christians.

These custom biker patches offer a more cryptic message, geared toward getting people to ask what the patch means. That gives the wearer a chance to explain and discuss his or her faith with the other person. For example, a patch might read "I have beautiful feet." Not an obvious Biblical reference, unless you know that it refers to Romans 10:15 - "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things."

No matter what design you choose, Perfect can help you create the perfect Christian biker patch for your needs. Contact us today at [email protected] or call us TOLL FREE at 1-866-728-2484 and our talented graphic artists will help you design the ideal patch for your mission.