The Embroidered Patch - A Symbol of Belief

Embroidered patches can be as simple as a name patch on a mechanic's uniform. But they are often much more than that. In many cases, custom embroidered patches represent a declaration of faith, a wearable testament to what one believes in.

For religious men and women, the symbolism is obvious. An embroidered patch in the shape of a cross or a Star of David clearly denotes the wearer's faith. But custom embroidered patches also can demonstrate faith in other things just as clearly.

Take for example, the Patriot Guard Riders. The PGR is a group of motorcyclists and supporters from throughout the nation who come together to support the families of fallen American soldiers. Their embroidered patch shows a triangle-folded American flag (as it is presented to a soldier's next of kin), the name of the organization and the words "riding with respect." Their patch shows their respect for fallen soldiers.

Other motorcycle groups and clubs have their own recognizable embroidered patches as well. Each group will have its own distinctive design, in one, two or three pieces. Each patch represents a specific club and what it stands for - in some cases, family riders, in other cases law enforcement officers. Still others may consider themselves so-called "outlaw" bikers.

Military units also use patches for identification, a demonstration of belonging to an elite organization. Sports teams, school groups and Scouting groups also rely on custom embroidered patches for their members. All are easily recognizable, a convenient shorthand for the groups they belong to and the values they represent.

Personal patches can be designed to represent just about anything. The meaning is entirely up to the designer and those who wear it. With modern computer graphics and state of the art embroidery machines producing the patch, it's possible to find a custom embroidered patch that will reflect the wearer's beliefs and customs, no matter how out of the ordinary.

All in all, the embroidered patch makes a clear statement about whatever the wearer wants it to represent. The meaning makes it a valuable symbol for almost anyone.

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